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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  September 10, 2010 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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right? >> yeah, live pictures. you can see the smoke in the backgroundtill ming up. this fire is not out. he was saying -- the fire chief was saying it was 50% contained at about 11:00. and you can see, they still have their work cut out for them. whh is
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hotel. >> as members godown looking at some are tall. is in the shelter. you do have a grievance and it's something we can work up and what we do a local area. >> some more than likely the
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centers will stay open until the people the been evacuated as a precautionary measure open and to their homes and the people lose homes to return to those sites and the will find permanent housing for them? >> are sure in this situation the people come to us and the next week and 10 days and as situations change and become more aware of their situation sometimes their family will come and and it will find out they're fine. >> we're just there to give help to people that needed at the level of they needed. and be prepared to a >> tell me a lot people have been coming here. but even telling us folks? >> at red cross we do not exactly known to nations. you can donate money, food, blankets you know you can join it to local church or charity. and by all means the local red cross ringnecks times it happens like this you prepared to come up and l.
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>> have been helping families get in touch with their loved ones? to make sure their loved ones ok? >> of funds and local funds are not affected it like in most of the disasters we deal it's a communication has not been we talked about opening a call center we don't do this would be necessary this point. >> to fill most of the people that feel the trendy yet in touch with their family >> yes absolutely. >> bucket of thank-you very much. we'll let him continue and there are a lot of folks who found shelter with friends and family members. about three of them have gone to the american evacuation center in and
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returned them to pick up with your lives. >> are jonathan take you for that. we do have some new video that just came as of the fireball. look at that. >> and the fumes it's almost like you know what causes it hit a sense of why it's burning away. it is because of this natural gas. but the way it's moving into the sky there. he contends the power of the storm in the viewing involved. it is dueled and riffled and its going along. >> several is a budget committee maybe 40 or 70 people live there. as a small net committee. a lot of them say and i used to live farther rumpus percent of that person. a lot of this new about the gas lines and in their area. a lot will did not think
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this is the cause of the fire. a number of people throughout the night this is what, 12 mi.? a san francisco it is located in between the various. they sent their crews to help out and look at all of these emergency cars over there. >> at last check parts of 280 were closed and that is something to keep in mind are morning as well because there are going to be a lot of fire vehicles put in the cell or into and around this area. so check in the morning. >> we have several crews in the area all evening long endure for to give you the report. >> i am in san bruno here at the veterans memorial recreation center in this is the area that is being set up for fire victims fear the plan and will keep its going on here. this is a line in the area where the victims are coming up to
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register to stay here they up hundreds of cots set up just in case they cannot give us a number yet of the medieval have showed up but they have a lot of people so far. you're looking up is the sense for the people. is it conceivable that brought close since to be materials and the red cross really is and set up to take donations of they are asking that you are set up to take your donations to charitable organization and said. you can see the safe and well the our people want to remember that webb said. that is a break and register your status and let people against what shall do our sense of they know where to look for a pyridine centered on cresting connally for kron4 news. >> for people were critically burned into a fire in there taking to the burn center here its independence hospital. and see some of the ambulance is behind me. one of the patients is stable, three critical. some of the patients can undergo surgery overnight and they're
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not sure what time will take place. hospital officials tell me that they're not expecting any more patients from the fire at this time. in san francisco i'm reggie camorra's for kron4 news. >> it sirens could be heard up and down the peninsula through the evening and incessant francisco you can see 15 individuals taking here from the fire it suffering very esperance and interest. the spokesperson stacey way to disguise the she sees here tonight. and the protocol and falling. >> and after the fire occurred people started coming into the ambulance. >> as of 9:00 p.m. there 29 people in our emergency department and up to 2915 are related to the fire. i would say that it has slowed down and the last heard just as of this slowdown is coming scored pick up again. we have managed the situation. >> those 16 people remain here kaiser in san francisco and are
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being treated at this hour. there are several other people that their injuries were too severe said they are transported to the burn center and set a show. >> alright those are some of the reports that our reporters have been following for this long and difficult evening for the people in the fire and rescue crews in san bruno. you'rere looking again at one of the 53 homes that to went up in smoke. look at the flams pouring out of the window. this is this happening at so many homes neighborhood. 123 homes damaged. so much damage and this neighborhood crest more. the thing that impressed me just can't do video is the look on the firefighters faces. they look like they are saying what are we supposed to do. >> the fire chief mention there's a point for they cannot send their crews and because of the fact that the gas had not been shut off. once they realize
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what the problem was that became an issue for them because then the firefighters are in danger. this anyways and the light of these men this mass buy it >> it on kermis dear the scene. dan? >> either of them are looking at the scene looks like now. this is the general area that we saw the fireball a couple of hours ago. right now you are seeing some thick gray smoke. the winds of really died down in the area which is a good thing because of fires as you are still burning. is specifically burden over the bridge and the fire continues to burn in the bridge in the general area. resistance on the ariane the firetruck spread read the entire right here on the perimeter in front of these homes have not burned. also in the fire itself a day is if you were to jump over the this is that you see right behind me and back to the general fire area right now. right now we can tell
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you that you talked to various neighbors who initially it was a plane crash but was not a plane crash and it's a natural gas explosion and a couple of neighbors have said that a small natural gas in the area probably three weeks and now they'll take contact and the pg&e crews have say that they have much close the door and it it was nothing done at that because of this time we don't know if this is a concern at pg&e or if it is all related to what they did today. this a couple of mexico it we saw ambulances share down the streets with lights blaring. we do not know if that means that they have found any survivors in that area or not. but we do know that color is on the move at this point. go >> dead as a person you seen
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that happen in ours >> right> seen the ambulance rushed in there. is that the first time you see the added hours. >> vote was the first time next we've seen any ambulances with all of the area. it looks like they moved into the opposite area from where we are now. more than half a dozen have been staged near claremont and now we're in a westerly direction. again, the flashing lights were on a we do not know exactly the people of their inside of them are mere at this point. >> ok-anchorman, thank you for that. it is interested in knowing as we do today to look at pictures struck the bay today is interesting that 30 gas line ruptured was back end 1948. the sounds old. so imagine the infrastructure
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issued it in december appeared unsure there others communities that still have old pipes in your so many times about stuff like this happening based on infrastructure that leads upgrading. and you know, if assistance in there for years, decades upon decades and not a able to be serviced. communities have much larger demands now and i believe that despite exploded. >> it created a huge disaster. let's go check with can relate what law >> well we just received another video and as a massive fire at the beginning. when the fire first got to concede the bloom into the area. try to figure out what's gone on interesting to see the looks on the law enforcement does wonder how they want to deal with this huge fireball. flames to shooting up
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into the air the concede people were standing on the side of road just awestruck trend of the roselawn in the cruiser when to put something like this out. dennis when the gas leak was still leaking fuel in this fire and many of the flames so were still taking pictures and videos at kron4 news. com. >> of a complete list focus on an earlier who said the fire was unnecessary. >> my friends ogles brother he lost all sold but he lost his toes completely. it's sad. you'd have to start from scratch up. it is really sad. >> we see flames, people all
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over again as kind of worried and police take pictures and i let people calling me and (no audio) >> we want to go now to kron4 news as jonathan blum has been all evening at the shopping center. it is been a coordination point for a lot of the evacuation efforts. jonathan? >> yes, pam, we're here from the sheriff's office. percentage wendell down here and a lot people are finding shelter for the night. >> first has been phenomenal place. connecting and you can actually see the family and the shelters in the area and the churches sense it is " god to the insurance office to be out here all night. a special thanks for being out here
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>> this is going to remain a point of contact for some time to come? >> absolutely people. bill be here to last persons temporary housing. >> the expecting more people to come down here after they realize that the roses are not acceptable now? >> i do not see that potentially a problem. a comeback in the morning and look at the house if. will be the wee hours of the night and which these people are finding shelter for their friends' houses are hotels. >> what is the forecast for people to get into their houses. >> you know or disliking net the emergency situation so the plant would look far gets put out. >> the fire department's is working, you also going to be securing the area? >> yes work looking at individual aid request and officers are coming in early on day shift. they're coming to
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replace day shift. >> what about people who are still trying to get in contact with their family members. they're trying to get in touch with their parents for a look and those people do to try and make contact. even taking call across world is trying to get assurance officer. in san bruno and people are concerned that they can contact the red cross and we will assist us with that. you know we will be directing people to get them the food of what other emergency supplies that they need. red cross will be here all night. >> i think you very much on donald. as we just heard the sheriff's office along with some other agency is will be out here all night. writer looking for art shell's deer or were born to
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be glenn back until long it were the home is being evacuated. bill be set to last person has been put in place. for now we are live out here in bail. >> are jonathan, thank you, six hours and 15 minutes and all of this started in a small bedroom community. one fidelity has been reported. 53 homes have been burned. with damage and looking at the right side your screen you concede this huge flames, fire fighters are desperately trying to get this out but there was no match for a huge smoke. these explosions started about five to one or to jacqueline bennett >> well the winds have been picking up. we saw some of us at 20 mi. range. it just picked up right now to 10 mi. per hour. below that was 89 mi. an hour
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and you heard dan cronin, that the weather feels so much, out there right now. we have seabury's once set up, fog is along the coastline and is starting to roll over the hills so there's one to be a lot fog to our morning early. that should help with, once. >> we definitely need it bay area fog to roll in to help cool down the intense fire as the going on since 6:00 this evening. the number of shelters, a surprise to hear up at the shelter this and they need shelter and were encouraged to register. is safe and well. or and there's also the 650710
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phone number where people can call in there trying to get a definite accounting of the people in the community. people are forced to scatter so quickly on this happened that there was a lot to the people in oakland. the phone lines are down. >> let us go over to can place up what appeared to the what do you have. >> pictures and videos. this is the picture's center and by doing just as when the phone lines were so tied up there's a plumes of smoke rising up all across the bay area city to the picture while driving home meanwhile it family said is this right here and you see a bird that's been sitting on the ground. that is action a volunteer fireman who is tending
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to. even set the end of the street there's flams in her neighborhood and in the meantime here's youtube video showing just with the crews were going through. concede that huge butter is tenedos the flames out of the steady stream of water for it's not helping because this huge flames are just riding of frustrated you can't see the flames but the black smoke. we're still taking pictures and had over to kron4 news you concede coverage and all the videos and you can read all about this the story on our website. >> well have their we are at the end as a chorus we're back into much of the day ahead or looking down the valley the fire is really revved up. not only done here knies to the fire engine but this is the fire engine that is in the perimeter of this
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location. as you see smoke is starting to dissipate. a first is the huge orange fireball that we saw the very thick black and gray smoke moving an easterly direction beer now the winds have died down a looks like the smoke has died down as well. the crees and have continued to burn and as many pockets of smoke's going on in that area. farquhar's to be here all night. people will still one of their home survived not. one woman on her way to a hospital hours ago to the dismay of the house just- in-time. we're gonna talk to the gentleman who heard the explosion. he is telling us that he had heard and small faction i say natural gas for three weeks in this area and did not know what pg and he had done about it. he told us that the one crew told him to shut his crotch but he does not know if there's any fall back to that. do not know that is connected to the situation. the fire crews are still in this area and they're
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still watching this places you can imagine. over 50 homes destroyed more than 123 damaged. as you look down the street and see the fire crews remain on standby and are in front of the homes are burning. and the damage. the existing is the winds pick up for the spurt going this direction. the latest year and how can motherless collective >> of the demand they keep their record to continue to look at the betty that's been coming in. stitches are just amazing paired with that ball of fire. >> that as i must've been opened at this point. >> look at the fire hitting the car in front of it. big black smoke is a problem all evening long. it is so intense and so on hot money less talk about the intensity and that he to that was melting some of the shades. one gentleman told us that the shades were on one of the homes
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and tried to get a theory. 53 homes in this is one of those homes going up in flames. that number could increase as the night hours and fire crews get a better count. but as checkout jonathan blum. >> is things are really starting to come down here ground zero for the evacuees. you concede that crowd that was mostly people safe in their home as turn to crowds into it law enforcement to have gathered live to see if anybody has showed up looking for shelter and food and clothing and blankets. american red cross said that 30 people had shown up at shelters and the rest of the people, at least 100200 have been there with friends and family of least for tonight. their wedding to fighters their homes are ok. one forssmann here today say they will be of securing their area. they may or
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may not be able to go back in the morning to find out what derek their homes are ok. they're preparing long-term accommodations with people that lived in homes and potentially more a fire fighters are not able to get a handle on the fire tonight. they learned that the fire is 50 percent contained and mission is still sketchy because firefighters are fighting an uphill battle. it is very very difficult. it really hit home for a lot of people at the evacuation center many that have lost their homes in many of them who do not know if they've lost homes. we're looking transformation and the officials themselves are ready to find out how bad the damage is. the share of the previous have something for the night.
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>> take you jonathan. a number bay area hospitals are involved with taking. let's check in with roth bill was at one of hospitals. >> signs could be heard up and down through the evening included in the hospital. it is 15 individuals here and they suffered various burns and other injuries. they describe what they have seen year to nine and a particle they been following. >> after the fire occurred. as of 9:00 p.m. there's 29 people in our emergency department and 15 of them aren't related to the fire. it has slowed down last ahead by just as a slowdown doesn't mean it's come and pick up again. we're managing the situation. >> those 15 people remain here at kaiser in san francisco. the
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injuries were too severe to be treated. >> and this is the view of the fireball and the explosion that started at 6:05 p.m.. and claremont drive in san bruno if there's a series of explosions the after gas line. one confirmed death and all of this and that number could change all bay area hospitals and been involved with dillon of the victims of the law's scope. the red cross set up to centers and will be open all night. all sampras schools will be closed tomorrow and again this city officials are really asking people to contact them for an
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accounting of how many people in the area affected back alive to the scene. surely live pictures as we leave you the firefighters continued to it fire appeared we'll have complete coverage of the morning fire appeared we'll have complete coverage of the morning news. [ woman ] nine iron, it's almost tee-time...
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